About Us

The therapists at Russell & Associates are people too. Sure we are professional couples counsellors and individual therapists. We are a group of people that are passionate about helping people get the most out of life and live lives that are congruent to their values and beliefs. But we are also normal people just like you that like to kick back and get the most out of life.

Dr. Don Russell

Dr Don Russell was born and raised in Winnipeg and loves the pace of life and the cultural richness of the city. He works hard to help people get the obstacles out of the way to live the life they aspire to.

He loves learning something new, imagining new possibilities and  creating something different.

Besides loving helping people through counselling, Don gets outdoors when he can; sailing on Lake of the Woods, hiking summer or winter and kayaking. Read more about Dr. Don Russell here.


Shanna outdoorsShanna Kelly grew up in Winnipeg and has spent time in Thailand and South Africa. She is passionate about understanding what’s going on inside people, and helping people lead happier, more integrated lives. Shanna loves working with teens and adults, seeing the potential inside them.

Shanna loves time spent outside, hot weather is best, but she is making friends with winter too. Learn more about Shanna Kelly here.


Our Associates in Winnipeg

Alana Buller

Lynette Sacco

Yok Knight

Kevin Beauchamp

Our Associates in Steinbach

Daina Funk

Tara Klassen

Jenny Gerbrandt

Doug Reimer

Garry Dyck

Megan Funk