Steinbach Therapists

Russell & Associates is a group of professional counselling therapists operating independent practices together at one location in Steinbach.  We are at 423 Main St. We provide caring and compassionate relationship counselling.

Select the therapist below that you would like to work with and contact them directly to begin the healing process.

 Meet Jenny Gerbrandt

JGerbrandt1Jenny provides a warm and accepting atmosphere where clients can begin working through life’s struggles. This environment, where everyone is welcome to come as they are, is very freeing and helps individuals take the first steps toward change. Jenny believes that we must understand and accept the reality of where we are before we are truly ready to work toward growth. She is excited for the opportunity to walk with you on your journey and help empower you to reach your goals.

Jenny has experience working with issues of anxiety, stress, self-esteem, life transitions, self-identity and relationship struggles. She particularly enjoys working with young adults and post-secondary students.
Jenny is available Tuesday evenings, Thursdays, and Friday afternoons.  Schedule an appointment with Jenny here.

Meet Daina Funk

Daina_Funk relationship counsellingDaina Funk practices in our Steinbach office and specializes in domestic violence and abuse and women’s issues. She has an engaging way of making you feel welcome and invited to share more and go deeper. Daina has been a faculty member of Providence Theological Seminary Counselling department where she taught for several years. Call or text today at 204 371 1555 to book an appointment with Daina on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Meet Garry Dyck

GarryGarry is a Counselling Therapist working in our Steinbach office.  He is also a Lecturer in Counselling Psychology at Providence Seminary.  He has a Masters degree in Counselling.  He brings 13 years of experience in pastoral ministry and many years of experience in the retail business community. He has extensive experience working with issues of anxiety, depression, anger management, sex addiction, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, trauma and grief.  He is experienced providing relationship counselling working with both individuals and couples. He is also available for Skype counselling.

Garry provides a warm, welcoming and safe environment in which to explore problems in living.  He views each person as unique and worthy of respect and dignity.  He draws on a variety of counselling theories including CBT, Attachment, and Emotion based therapies.  Garry looks forward to walking with you on this journey of discovery and healing. Garry is available Thursdays and Fridays and Monday evenings in Steinbach. You can schedule with Garry in Steinbach here.   Click here to meet Garry in Morris. Find out more about Garry here

Meet Douglas Reimer

Douglas is a Counselling Therapist in our Steinbach office. He is a graduate of Grace Graduate School in Indiana.  We are very pleased to have him on board. Douglas can help bring relief and healing for people living with anxiety, depression, couples struggling in their relationship. He brings experience working with youth and young adults.

Meet Megan Jane Funk

MeganJaneFunkMegan holds a Masters degree in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary.  Throughout her life, Megan has often been a go-to person when those around her need a listening ear or a different perspective; she would love to be that person for you too.  Megan is particularly passionate about working with children, youth, and young adults; nevertheless, she is open to and experienced in working with adults as well.
Here is a bit about what to expect during sessions with me (Megan):

    • My goal is to validate, encourage, empower, and above all help restore balance in your life and well-being by coming along side and journeying with you as you go through some of life’s struggles.
    • The first session will primarily be a time of getting to know you so that I can tailor the process to you as much as possible.  We will also spend time in this session exploring your goals and expectations of the counselling process and of me as a counsellor.
  • The following sessions will continually build on the first session as we work together to move closer to your goal(s), one step at a time.  In doing so, we will spend time exploring, brainstorming, processing, and planning through a variety of techniques that are tailored towards you.  Some of these techniques may include Art and Play therapy activities, Cognitive-Behavioural worksheets, and Narrative therapy.

Appointments with Megan can be booked via email here or phone 204-381-4043. Megan’s fee is payable by cash, cheque, and e-transfers only.

Meet Dr. Don Russell

 Dr. Don RussellProfessional
Dr. Don Russell is a very experienced, seasoned psychotherapist. He earned a Masters in Counselling and an  Ed.D. (doctorate) in Counselling Psychology. He has previously served as President of the Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors, and a member of the American Counseling Association and the Association of Counselor Education and  Supervision. He spend over ten years as professor of Counselling Psychology at Providence Theological Seminary.
Don specialises in treating the emotional and psychological effects of trauma, including violent crime, workplace injuries, including trauma in one’s developmental years. He also works with people who have experienced vicarious or secondary trauma. He also is a relationship counsellor helping couples to improve their satisfaction and enjoyment of their level of intimacy including their sexual intimacy. Don has experience treating chronic stress, chronic pain and helping people reach and maintain healthy weight. Don uses a variety of advanced techniques including EMDR, hypnotherapy, & Emotional Freedom Technique to help clients harness psychological resources to bring meaningful and lasting relief and healing.
Clients that work with Don find that he ‘gets’ them: he is compassionate, graceful and understanding. Don strikes a careful balance: on one hand listening and caring for the person without judging them; and at the same time moving towards a lasting, sustainable solution. Don is now in Winnipeg full-time. You can schedule an appointment with Don in Winnipeg.
You can also call Don at 204 746 0281