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Russell & Associates is a group of professional counselling therapists operating independent practices together at one location in Winnipeg. We are at 200-569 Academy Rd. in Winnipeg.
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Meet Shanna Kelly

Shanna Kelly therapistsShanna is one of the therapist partners operating the Russell and Associates group in Winnipeg.  She is a warm and effective therapist who specializes in trauma and anxiety treatment and also works with a variety of other issues.  Shanna has appointments during the day on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

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Contact Shanna here  or by phone 204.333.2425.

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Meet Rod Minaker

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Rod has a wealth of experience doing therapy and a warm engaging presence. He helps people do relationships better and resolve conflicts within themselves. Rod has appointments most days of the week.

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Meet Lynette Sacco

LynetteLynette is an extremely caring and highly skilled therapist. Lynette primarily works with adolescents, individuals and couples. Lynette has appointments Mondays and Wednesdays, including Monday evenings.

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Meet Alana Buller

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Alana Buller is an experienced counseling therapist in our Winnipeg office. Alana specializes in trauma recovery, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and self-worth/identity issues. Alana journeys alongside you to find your strengths and integrate them into your life to experience health and healing. She is accepting new clients, and has appointments available on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

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Contact Alana here or by phone 204-295-6391

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 Meet Yok Knight

Yok KnightYok Knight has experience working with individual adults and couples who feel stuck in unhealthy thoughts and behaviours. She enjoys working with people to help them move towards their full potential, live with self-acceptance and purpose, and connect with others. Yok is accepting clients on Tuesdays evenings

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Contact Yok here or by phone/text 431-336-5083

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Meet Dr. Don Russell

Dr. Don Russell Counselling therapistDr. Don Russell one of the therapist partners operating the Russell & Associates group. He’s proud of the team of therapists working together in Winnipeg on Academy Rd.

Don is a specialist in treating the emotional and psychological effects of trauma. Don also works with adults with depression and anxiety. Clients that work with Don find that he ‘gets’ them: he is compassionate, graceful and understanding.

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Contact Don here or by phone 204 746 0281

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