Dear Clients;

We are open for business. We are taking necessary steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our clients by making available in-office and video appointments. Contact us to see which format is best for you and your situation.

We are a group of independent counselling therapists who have chosen to work side by side because we believe we can help you better if we work together”.

I have been providing counselling therapy and teaching therapists for over 20 years. I can tell you the problem or challenge you are facing is not new or unique. Our therapists have helped others before you. There is help available. But your story and your situation are unique. Rest assured that the therapists that are part of our group in Winnipeg are fully trained and caring professionals.  We make sure that you feel safe, understood, and cared for before we jump in with any easy answers. We call it a holding space.
The counselling therapists  at Russell & Associates can help you get to where you want to go. Have a look around the website and contact us to get started on the life you’ve always wanted.


 Our Counselling Therapists

Russell & Associates is a cluster of independent counselling therapists who have chosen to work side by side because we believe we can help you better if we work together. So, you will notice differences between us: specialization; price; years of experience to name a few. We have chosen to work together because we share some common values: constant quality improvement; high ethical standards; and we each have a track record of effectiveness.
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Why Its Worth Checking Us Out

Often people put off dealing with problems and issues they are facing hoping they just might go away. Unfortunately, this is not a very effective way to manage stress in your life. Going to a counselling therapist can be just  like going to see a personal trainer at the gym vs. going to the gym on your own. When you go on your own you know that you’ll probably get a decent workout. BUT, if you meet with a personal trainer, you know they are going adjust and tweak your workout for maximum benefit, and maybe push you and challenge you in ways you might never have considered…only accelerating your development. That’s what we do too! We are here to support you and strengthen you to live the life that you were meant to live.
We have proven strategies to help bring relief and healing for anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, sexual difficulties and much much more.

Meet Sophie

One of the special things about therapy at Russell and Associates is that we strive to create a warm and friendly space. We put care and attention into the decorating of each office. We also have Sophie the office puppy at the office most days. Sophie is very social and likes to hang out with people in our waiting area.  We think that you should know about Sophie in advance in case you have a sensitivity to dogs, even friendly ones.


Links We Like

Of course we aren’t the only place to get help. Here are some links to other services and resources that we are glad are out there.
The Gottman Institute are pioneers in empirically-based couples therapy. They have lots of resources for couples that want to grow.
The WRHA Crisis Response Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is located at 817 Bannatyne Avenue, at the corner of Tecumseh.The center offers walk-in assessment and treatment for adults in mental crisis, along with referrals to other mental health services.
Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Center’s  Centralized Intake Service provides access to child and adolescent mental health resources. The service is able to directly refer to services at MATC and the Health Sciences Center. The service serves children and adolescents between the ages of 3 years up to 18 years.

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