Russell and Associates Winnipeg Therapist Specialties

As you are looking for a Winnipeg therapist that is skilled, compassionate and effective please review the counselling therapists at Russell and Associates.  We have a wide range of expertise. Here are some topic areas where we specialize. Take the first step and lets work together to create a better life.

Trauma treatment.

winnipeg therapistWhether it is an unpleasant experience that happened years ago or a recent tragedy, we have therapists with specific training in trauma-treatment. Therapy for trauma has advanced significantly in the last number of years to become more compassionate, hopeful and effective. Find out more here.

Depression Treatment.

Down and can’t get up? Our therapists can help you identify what may be contributing to the depressiveness, but more importantly can direct you towards research-based interventions and solutions to get your life back on track. Find out more here.

Anxiety Treatment.

Anxiety treatmentIt seems to becoming more common and impacts people at a younger age. Anxiety also can be debilitating. It can rob your life of joy and vitality and make relationship difficult. But there is good news. Research indicates that anxiety is responsive to treatment. There are specific tools and strategies that can lessen the impact and intrusion that anxiety has on your life.  Find out how we can help here.

Relationship Issues.

Stuff happens in relationships: dynamics change; communication wires get crossed; stresses put a burden on the relationship that it can’t seem to bear. Do you wish you could go back to that time in your relationship when you felt valued and love? We have therapists with specific training in couples communication and couples therapy. Find out more here.