Yok Knight

Yok Knight

Yok Knight has experience working with individual adults and couples who feel stuck in unhealthy thoughts and behaviours. She enjoys working with people to help them move towards their full potential, live with self-acceptance and purpose, and strongly connect with others.

She specializes in working with clients who are seeking anxiety relief. Anxiety may manifest as fears about the future, an inability to trust oneself, feelings of tension and discomfort in the body, sleeplessness, difficulty staying in the moment, rushing thoughts, and/or panic. Yok works with clients to help them understand their anxiety, and empowers them to find ways of being which represent their true selves.

Yok Knight enjoys working with couples who desire more connection. She understands the deep longing to be known, especially by our loved ones, and works with clients to move towards emotional connection and deeper understanding of each partner’s needs.

Promoting lasting change, Yok seeks to address the primary influencing factors that drive issues. She appreciates the unique role of the counsellor to offer insight and speak the truth. Former clients describe her approach as holistic because she recognizes that emotional and physical health, family history, life transitions, and habits all contribute to stress and well-being. She is very approachable and likes to laugh with her clients.

Yok Knight has a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Through her travels and upbringing in Winnipeg as the child of refugees, she has developed a sensitivity to multicultural issues.

 Yok Knight is accepting new clients on Tuesday evenings. Her fee is $95.00 for 60 minute session with individuals, couples, or families. You can contact her by emailing yokknight@gmail.com or calling/texting 431-336-5083.
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