How We Help You Treat Anxiety

anxiety treatmentDoes it feel you feel that your worries are taking over your life? Do you find yourself rehearsing difficulties from the past as if that will protect you from problems in the future? Are you noticing your anxiety is preventing you from engaging in, and fully enjoying your life? Read on to find out more about anxiety treatment.

If these questions strike a chord with you, we have good news!
Anxiety, the kind of anxiety that starts to get in the way of life is very common.  In fact about a third of the population will have a diagnosable anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Since anxiety typically shows up with unpleasant and frightening physical symptoms, many people with anxiety find themselves in their doctor’s offices on a regular basis with physical complaints such as stomach aches and headaches. Anxiety can lead to social and professional withdrawal.
People with anxiety often complain of restlessness, difficulty concentrating, physical tension and sleep issues.

All of this sounds unpleasant. But there are even more reasons to act now to get control of anxiety. Some evidence suggests that left untreated, anxiety tends to grow and take over more and more ‘space’ in a person’s life. Part of this is because anxiety tends to trick people into doing things that maintain or even grow the anxiety, instead of reduce it. That’s why some people say, ‘I’m trying to get a grip on this, but it just seems to get worse’. That is where anxiety treatment can help.

Anxiety issues are among the most common issues that brings people to the therapist’s office. The good news is that anxiety is also among the most treatable disorders. Anxiety therapy has been proven to be effective.
The therapists in our group are very familiar with how anxiety works and familiar with what helps and what doesn’t. With recent advances in interpersonal neuroscience, we know more than ever what helps and why it helps.So, whether it is panic, of a trauma-related anxiety; whether it is a fear of flying, or public speaking or small spaces, let us help you get your life back.

What Can you Expect in Anxiety Treatment?

Your therapist will listen carefully to your description of anxiety so we can understand together the history, context, the triggers and the impact anxiety is having in your life. We believe that people are naturally problem-solvers and so have probably already begun to find some way to reduce the impact of anxiety. We will also listen to hear what resources and strategies you already have in place that are helping already. Then will will begin treatment by working together to help you develop new strategies to manage worry and stress in your life.

Addressing Flaws in the Logic of Anxiety

Likely, we will address beliefs about the protective value of worrying.

In anxiety disorder treatment, we will engage in active problem solving and the development of applied relaxation techniques, mindfulness techniques, and perhaps guided imagery exercises. For some people and situations, a more advanced technique of EMDR will be offered to repair the dysfunctionally stored information processing that is maintaining the anxiety. Anxiety disorder treatment will help you implement evidence-based techniques for managing anxiety and worry in your life. Treatment for anxiety disorders will help you develop productive worry and preparation techniques, and learn to keep excessive anxiety in its place.
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 Photo credit: Giorgio Montersino. Used under license